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We offer classes from beginner to advanced. Click the links below for more detailed information about the classes including pricing, uniform requirements and registration package. One free trial class is available for each student.

Preschool Rhythmic Gymnastics
Gymnastics Ribbon



Our pre-school classes are created around learning basic skills and musical awareness. We will go over beginner apparatus skills with the rope, hoop, ball, ribbon, and scarves, and body elements such as pointed toes and straight knees and arms, as well as basic turns, balances, jumps and dance steps. Some of these skills will be incorporated into the session end show routine where we will combine the skills with music and expression.

Gymnastics hula hoops


6-12 YEARS OLD  |  13-17 YEARS OLD

Our recreational class develops apparatus skills with the rope, hoop, ball, ribbon, and scarves. Along with apparatus skills, we develop body skills and awareness through balance, turn, jump and dance techniques as well as challenge the participants with special awareness in relation to their peers. We work with the abilities of each participant to ensure they are appropriately challenged throughout the classes. The skills learned in these classes will be incorporated with expression and musical awareness into a routine that will be performed at the session end show.

Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics
Performance Rhythmic Gymnastics
Gymnastics performance icon



The performance group is designed for girls who have prior gymnastics or dance training that want to challenge themselves. This program is designed to refine and build on basic skills. More advanced skills will be introduced and more emphasis on musical awareness, expression, group work. These skills will be combined into group routines and performed at the session end show, and possibly other events in the community. Days and times vary based on programs .

Gymnastics music



This recreational program focuses on the needs of children that are on the autism spectrum or have other sensory needs. The classes will be run in a separate room from the large gym to allow participants with sensory needs to learn in a dedicated environment. Participant to instructor ration is 3:1. Parents and caregivers are welcome to join the class with their child. This program is for those who feel their child needs a specialized environment to flourish or want to connect with other neuro diverse participants and families. However, participants with neuro diversities are welcome to join any of our club's programs and will be welcomed with open arms. f you would like to register your child and they are outside the age range, please contact us. 

Neurodiverse Rhythmic Gymnastics
Neurodiverse Rhythmic Gymnastics
Gymnastics dancing



Our Gymnaestrada program brings together Canada’s top choreographer and coaches who will work with the team to create a large group routine that celebrates the beauty of gymnastics and movement. The program welcomes all ages, levels, abilities and backgrounds. It’s about fun, fitness and friendship! The team will train together with the goal of traveling to, and participating in, the 2022 National Gymnaestrda in Edmonton with the option and ultimate goal of participating in the World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam in 2023. It’s an experience of a life time, so bring the whole family and join the celebration.

Gymnastics ball



This class is really about playing and trying stuff out. No experience or skills required. We will do a short warm up in each class and then play with our equipment (rope, hoop, ball, ribbon, and maybe even clubs!). We will learn some basic gymnastics body skills and put together a small routine. Participants will get to decide if they want to perform it at our session end show.

Adult Preschool Rhythmic Gymnastics

“Amazing coaches and a very encouraging atmosphere for the gymnasts!”


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