What do people have to say about Island Rhythmics? Here are some testimonials and quotes from family members of our gymnasts and the gymnasts themselves.

“IRGC is absolutely worth it . Coaches are wonderful caring and knowledgeable …. my daughter went from shy and reserved to confidant and skilled …. there is a supportive spirit of family both for the kids and parents . I would recommend this sport and this club to anyone with children. So thankful that my daughter was part of this group…. she plans on starting her own daughter in the fall.”
-Mary Elynne M. (Mother)

“Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect meld of sport and art. Starting Rhythmics at the age of eight I quickly began to learn body awareness and coordination. I also fell in love with the ability to move in graceful, fluid movements while using the apparatus as an extension of my expressions and body. This love of movement and grace is still with me today at the age of 26 and only begins to grow stronger.

Angela and Danielle at Island Rhythmics provided a nurturing and uplifting environment for me to grow in. The majority of the time I spent with the two of them was in my teen years and I spent A LOT of time with them, I was training 4 – 5 days a week as a competitive gymnast while traveling with them for competitions around Canada. The two of them really became family as they knew when to push me to my physical limits and knew when to give me time to rest when I was tired mentally or physically. They also know how to have fun which is important to take you mind off the vigorous aspects of competing.

Angela’s ability to put together a Rhythmic Gymnastics routine is like no other. She knows how to move to the melody of the music to make it as enchanting as possible to watch and perform. While performing the routines she creates you begin to manifest qualities of gracefulness, confidence and poise while enhancing your cardiovascular system, stability and coordination. These qualities will stick with you forever.

The training that I gained in my teen years has carried over to adult-hood. When I am public speaking for work or presentations I am always complemented on how well poised I am, even if I don’t feel so poised. I believe this is a direct representation of the confidence Angela and Danielle instilled in me.

These two women really create a well-rounded experience for the gymnast as they are genuine and have a true passion for the sport and art of Rhythmic Gymnastics but also provide encouragement, care and evoke a mindset that you really can do anything, if you want to. Together they provided me with skills that I used in University and continue to use in my career and in my personal life and for that I am ever grateful.”
– Elizabeth (Liz) B. (Former national level competitive athlete)

Hello from Czech Republic. I am happy about your club…Love Marta
– Marta K (Coach educator and longstanding member of the Canadian National and International Rhythmic Gymnastics community)

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At Island Rhythmic Gymnastics, we believe in having fun while learning life skills through the sport that our athletes will carry with them through their lives.

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