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Our Gymnaestrada program brings together Canada’s top choreographer and coaches who will work with the team to create a large group routine that celebrates the beauty of gymnastics and movement. The program welcomes all ages, levels, abilities and backgrounds. It’s about fun, fitness and friendship! The team will train together with the goal of traveling to, and participating in, the 2022 National Gymnaestrda in Edmonton with the option and ultimate goal of participating in the World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam in 2023. It’s an experience of a life time, so bring the whole family and join the celebration.
Course pricing
Course pricing does not include the registration fees to the BC Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation or  BC gymnastics
Note: all fees are payable by cheque, cash, or e-transfer at the beginning of the session, instalments available, see registration form or contact us for details
Day: Sunday
Time: 4:00-6:00
Fall: September19-December 19
Winter-Spring: January 16- June19/26
Fall: $365.00 Plus BCRSGF or GymBC insurance
Winter/Spring $550/ $580 for new members
  • Be a minimum of 9 years old as of December 31st 2021 for the Canadian Gymnaestrada
  • Participate consistently in weekly gymnaestrada training that will start in September 2021 and go until the Canadian Gymnaestrada (tentatively scheduled for June 29 – July 3, 2022)
  • This is a one-year commitment and if your goal is to attend the World Gymnaestrada the commitment is two years
  • Train within your home program through Inspire Sports or Island Rhythmics for a minimum 1 hour a week in addition to gymnaestrada training. For more information please contact us

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At Island Rhythmic Gymnastics, we believe in having fun while learning life skills through the sport that our athletes will carry with them through their lives.

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