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November 3, 2019

The educational philosophy and the way we interact with our performance team is based on over 35 years of teaching and over 40 years of combined coaching experience.


Children and young adults are able to do amazing things, much more than we generally think. They just need a safe environment that helps them to find


  • The courage to try uncomfortable, new and difficult things and the strength to face challenges: so we present very high goals to our gymnasts. We want them to understand that they themselves have to have these high expectations and should not be complacent.


  • The tenacity and the patience to stay on a task until it is mastered: so we teach them to be patient with themselves, see their weakness, accept them, and work on them in a progress oriented action


  • The lucidity in self assessment: so we search to develop a clear self analysis capacity and a progress oriented attitude


  • The confidence to ask and accept input and help: so we insist on the fact that they have to search for the truth in order to grow and not for the sugar coated encouragement


  • The intense joy of accomplishing good work: so we do not use extrinsic motivation techniques, in other term we do not give stickers, ribbons or whatever for work well done. We want our gymnasts to find pleasure in the activity itself and not in awards


  • The generosity of offering the result of this work to others in the performance they present: so we are particularly careful in the choice of musics and songs we offer to our gymnasts. We work with them to understand the message of these songs and insist on their duty as interpreter to respect the message, the emotion and the person who composed this music. Respect manifesting itself by a serious and constant work to perfect the technique and the artistry.

We also put together bi-annual shows whose entrance fee is in totality given to a local charity organization chosen by the gymnasts themselves. This is a fundamental part of our education philosophy. Hard work and its results is focused on helping others and the pleasure comes from offering it in the most perfect form


This is the environment we search to provide.


In our club we care for our gymnasts and we give them everything we can in order for them to grow and to become the beautiful human being they have in themselves to become. We thrive to develop their lucidity in front of themselves, their sense of the necessity of giving their all to get even an inch forward, the courage to do so and the confidence that it is in their hands to advance without excuses, without fear of pain, anxiety, and sometimes tears.

Meet the Coaches – Clara Bernier

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