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November 3, 2019

In our performance program we want gymnasts to work towards goals, be conscious of their progress and understand what is necessary to achieve this progress. This is the reason that we devote time to goal setting in our training plans.


We offer instruction in the SMART technique of goal setting (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound goals). We ask the gymnasts to plan 3 precise actions that will help them achieve the goal that they set. These actions are the precise exercises, or parts of exercises, they will do on a regular basis to achieve their goals. The actions are most of the time set in collaboration with the coaches and reviewed by the coaches so that they deliver the desired result.


At the end of each practice the gymnasts are asked to complete a little questionnaire for themselves that contains 6 short questions related on the completion of the planned actions. At regular intervals (every 2 months more or less) the athletes and the coaches evaluate the progress and adapt the goals and actions to the results achieved at that time.


These goals are individual and chosen by each gymnast. The method is geared to have them understand how progress is achieved, what are the consequences of the work and effort they put into each practice, and to take responsibility for, and pride in their success.

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