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September 25, 2019

I am now one of the members of the Board of Island Rhythmic Gymnastics, a club I founded with my daughter, Angela, and as such I do part of the administration of the club. From time to time I replace one of our coaches if one is absent.

In a previous life I got my master in French literature and finished the PHD courses in all things structural linguistic analysis. I was a French literature college teacher in Montreal for 30 years, Head of the French Department and President of the Teacher’s Union. Nothing in all that prepared me for what my daughter brought me to do later in life!

When Angela started rhythmic gymnastics at 3 years old, I thought that this will bring me an hour or 2 of peace each week to go and have a coffee while reading peacefully. Well it lasted about 2 years and after that things accelerated. I did many things in the gym and outside the gym: rolling and unrolling carpets, driving a van in the middle of the night between Toronto and Montreal on our way back from competitions with 6 hyper giggling girls, judging and coaching, and even administrating the Canada Gymnastics Rhythmic Program.

I loved every minute of it even if at some times I was wondering if I was a little crazy.

Now Things seem to settle. I do have time for a coffee. Not sure if this will last a long time since I now have a granddaughter who cannot hear music without getting excited and dancing her heart out. Luckily she is just 1 and a half so I guess I have another 2 years before the things start again to accelerate.


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